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A Kerala-based based security analyst Hemanth Joseph successfully hacked the security system of an iPad by bypassing the activation lock of the device. And this is because of the bug that is running in the background of iOS 10.1 version of Apple’s OS. This malware helped the researcher to go around the activation lock configuration and breach it on an iPad.

According to the reports of Forbes published on Friday, Mr Joseph circumvented the activation lock in a locked iPad through a malware setup process running in iOS 10.1. When Mr Joseph was asked to choose a Wi-Fi network, he opted ‘other network’ and selected WPA2-enterprise as the type of network for connecting with the device. After selecting the network option, the system gave him three input options to fill up, including Name, Username, and Password.

While testing the system, he came to know about the unrestricted character input option, and he started typing thousands of characters that an iOS could handle. The aim was to crash the software system and fortunately it happened. The input of thousands of characters freezes the iPad following which, Mr Joseph locked it by folding Apple’s magnetic Smart Cover down over the screen. After opening the cover, the device was going on with the same screen, but after a few seconds, it worn-out to iOS home screen and he managed to hack the phone.

The bug spotted by Mr Joseph was reported to be fixed by Apple’s security update of last month. But surprisingly, the bug is still running in the background, causing some serious security breaches to the iPads.

Apple’s Operating System, iOS is considered to be the securest platform of smart technology. Previously, many surveys and tests have proved iOS to be more protected than the Operating System of Android. Due to the strict software coding and high-end configurations, it is simply hard to open the activation locks of Apple devices like iPad and iPhone. But the smart Kerala-based security analyst has successfully managed to hack an iPad by bypassing the activation lock.

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