Kickass Torrents which had taken down by US Federal Authorities back in July this year is alleged to rebirth again by its former employees. The website is reported to alive by a team of ex-staffers of Kickass Torrents. After rebirth, the site is current facing heavy web traffic.

In July this year, the website was completely seized by the government after the arrest of its alleged owner Artem Vaulin in Poland. With the site, the entire domain, and its associated site also had taken down because of allegedly violating the cyber guidelines. However, many clone websites have kept Kickass Torrents alive for months. But the original site which was seized is reported to back in life by its former staffers.

According to the reports of Torrent Freak, now, Kickass Torrents is completely functional. The site has taken a rebirth with the same original look which it previously had. With a clean user database, the site is currently under the control of some to former staff members. However, after re-launch, the site is now facing heavy traffic. As per the statement of Torrent Freak, they have tried to access the new website. But the site is taking several minutes to load because of tremendous traffic.

Torrent Freak team also tried connecting with the original team of Kickass Torrents which results in a brief statement from them.  As said by the former staffers of Kickass Torrents, “after the seize of Kickass Torrents back in July, all most every original Staffer of the company including most of the Admins and Moderation team joined us and motivated us to re-active the site again.

The reunion of employees of Kickass Torrents revealed their faithfulness, devotion and real love for KAT and to maintain this bondage, the rebirth of the original site was extremely essential. The team also said that they faced a number of hurdles and issues in the initial days of re-launching the website. However, after taking some additional safety measures and giving some extra efforts, they successfully put the website again in working condition.

However, as the site lacks the exact replica of the Original Kickass Torrents, it seems the Admin and moderators don’t have access to KAT’s original codebase and programming.

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