Supreme Court Allow Trump’s Administration, Now Refugees Can Enter the Country

The US President, Donald Trump’s administration has been agreed by the Supreme Court on Tuesday. The decision of the lower court is on hold that the more refugees would be allowed to enter the country.

A single paragraph statement is issued bas an order by the Supreme Court, that grants Trump’s request for the administration. The request was for allowing a stay of the latest legal maneuvering including an executive order of president Trump on immigration. Since, no recorded dissents were found there to the decision.


The court upheld the order of the lower court which has elaborated the definition of the issue in which the citizens coming from the six countries of Muslim-majority, which includes Iran, Somalia, Syria, Libya, Sudan and Yemen. They were covered by an administration of Donald Trump for their travel ban, are now again eligible of traveling to the United States.


Since, the court worded that only those people will be exempted, who have an on-paper relationship with a person living in the United States, as they said, “bona-fide relationship”, including the closed family members also.

However, the Hawaii judge rejected this and said that, “An assurance from a United States refugee resettlement agency, in fact, meets each of the Supreme Court’s touchstones: it is formal, it is a documented contract, it is binding, it triggers responsibilities and obligations.”

Where, Derrick Watson, a District Court Judge has written as, “Bona fide does not get any more bona fide than that.”

Also the senior director of campaigns of the Amnesty International USA, Naureen Shah said stated on the order of Wednesday, “jeopardizes the safety of thousands of people across the world including vulnerable families fleeing war and violence.”

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