Scientists Explored the Extraterrestrial Source of Intense Explosions of Radio Waves


Extraterrestrial origin of the most powerful radio waves explosions has been probed by a team of scientists from New York, during the investigation of why that location is only known spot to constantly burst with the radio blasts.

The repeating bursts of radio waves may be coming from a heavy stellar core known as ‘Neutron Star’ nearby the extraordinarily muscular magnetic field, like one near the gigantic black hole, according to the research findings.

Fast radio bursts (FRB) are the potent pulses of radio waves that last for just few milliseconds, giving off much more power in a fraction of second as compared to that received by the sun in hours, days or some weeks.

FRBs were observed in 2007 only, while researchers estimated that such radio waves explosions might have occurred for nearly 10,000 times in a day beyond the whole cosmos, when they noticed 20 or so FRBs in the last decade, according to findings of the research.

Jason Hessels, a leading co-author of the study  and astrophysicist from the University of Amsterdam said in a statement that, “A key question in the field is whether this repeating fast radio burst source is fundamentally different compared to all the other apparently non-repeating sources.”

Hessels added that, “Myself and many others would love to know whether this fast radio burst phenomenon has a single or multiple physical origins. There is a whole host of telescopes coming online in the next few years that promise to discover many more such sources and to answer these questions.”