NASA’s Cassini transmits first images of Saturn's Ring-Grazing Orbit

Cassini, NASA’s unmanned spacecraft which is orbiting Saturn since 2004, has successfully transmitted the first images of its ring-grazing event on 8th December. On Thursday, NASA’s Cassini beamed back the first pictures of Ring-Grazing Orbit of Saturn and the astronomers of NASA have started reviewing the pictures. The scientists of NASA have already received the first views of Saturn’s atmosphere to Earth, and now they are under observation, said an official of NASA.

Since 2004, NASA’s Cassini-Huygens Operation lead by the Cassini spaceship has kept on monitoring and orbiting Saturn and now it is almost out of fuel. Currently, the spacecraft is going through the last part of the mission, and on 30th November it started the ‘ring-grazing’ dives into the ring of Saturn. The first stage of its final orbit has already been completed, and it has transmitted the first images from its last orbit.

As the final stage of Cassini’s mission is on the move, it is completely showing the views of Saturn’s Rings, a captivating hexagon-shaped jet stream and the northern hemisphere of the planet. Cassini began the ring-grazing Orbit of Saturn on 30th November. Images sent by Cassini are showcasing the planet’s northern hemisphere including perplexing hexagon-shaped climate activity on top of Saturn, which is also known as jet streams.

After Cassini had arrived at the province of Saturn, the hexagonal shape of the northern hemisphere of was spotted. And now as the spacecraft is expected to course nearer to the planet, it is believed to gather some more clicks and snaps from different angles which will enable scientists to gather more data about Saturn.

As said by NASA, Cassini captured these latest images of Saturn on 2nd and 3rd December 2, which is about two days earlier to the first ring-grazing approach of the spacecraft to the planet. Future passes of the satellite are expected to beam back some more clear-cut images including snaps from near closest approach of the planet. Now, the scientists are hoping to get some more closest-ever scenes of the outer rings of Saturn and small moons that are orbiting the planet.

The next ring-grazed event is scheduled for 11th December, said NASA. The next ring-grazing orbits will go on until 22nd April 2017, when the final closest flyby of Saturn’s moon Titan will another time reform the flight path of Cassini. With this encounter, Cassini is said to start its playoff.

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