Greece’s First Space Agency Launched on Monday


Greece’s first space agency has been launched on Monday with intent to reset the ailing economy.

This advancement of stepping forward towards the space domain could be proved more productive and stronger for Greece by increasing the acquisition of the company in multiple numbers of sectors, according to the media and digital policy minister of Greece, Nikos Pappas who is the General Secretary of the Telecommunications and Post Vassilis Maglaras, said while representing Hellenic Space Organization.

Vassilis Maglaras, secretary general for Telecommunications and Post said in a statement given to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency that, “The establishment and operation of the Hellenic Space Organisation will be one of the most dynamic features of our course towards the modern digital economy of the future.”

Stamatis Krimizis has been appointed as the president for the Hellenic Space Organization, during the event occurred on Monday. He is a part of the Athens Academy and also the chief of the Head Emeritus for the space department of the applied physics laboratory at the s Johns Hopkins University. Krimizis has also been a member for number of unmanned space exploration events of the United States programs.

“investment in space technology is a international industry with an turnover of 200 billion euros per year, while according to the European Space Agencys latest report, space shows a return on investment ratio of 1 to 7, one of the largest in any industry”, Nikos Pappas stated during the presentation.