ISRO proposes for MoM-2 following the success of Mangalyaan mission

After successfully executing the Mars Orbiter Mission-1, ISRO is currently moving towards the launch of the second season of Mars Mission and named it as “Mangalyaan-2”. On the occasion of Mangalyaan-1 completing its 25 months in space, Jitendra Singh, the union minister of state and a senior official of the department of space of India, on Friday announced the opening of tender for the scientific proposals for the Mars Orbiter Mission-2.

With the aim to take its first interplanetary research and operation forward, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) kick started the application invitation program under which it will seek the scientific proposals from scientists for its Mars Orbiter Mission-2. The Union Ministry, Friday, announced the tender opening for MoM-2 and ISRO taking the reports forward, represented it in Rajya Sabha.

As per the submitted documents in Rajya Sabha, the first Mars Mission of India was highly flourishing and doing well in space. To a question put in Rajya Sabha, Jitendra Singh, the union minister of state and the senior official of the department of space, said that Mars Orbiting Mission-2 is soon to be started while the design, goals, and formulation trials are yet to start.

Taking the statement further, he also said that, Mangalyaan-1 has completed its 25 successful months in Mars’s orbit and is currently operating satisfactorily.

After receiving the applications for the Mangalyaan-2, ISRO will start working on the designs and objectives of the next Mars Mission.

MoM-1 or Mars Orbiter Mission-1 was one of the highly successful Mars Mission of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). It was the first interplanetary mission to India. By successfully implementing the spacecraft Mangalyaan-1 on the orbit of Mars, India became the first country to successfully place the probe in the region of the Red Planet in its first effort. While the designing of Mangalyaan-1 was made for six months servicing on the basis of its onboard fuel, amazingly, the spacecraft is functioning since 24th September 2014 and still kept on sending pictures and other info of Red Planet to the on-ground system of ISRO.

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