Brazilian scientists discover a planet-swallowing Death Star analogous to Sun
The sun-like star, called ‘HIP68468’, has the capacity of destroying the planets coming into its path. (Illustration byGabi Perez / Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias)

Stars are also known as solar twins because of their closeness and resemblance to Sun. But discovering a planet having almost equal dimension to Sun is relatively rare. But surprisingly, a team of international astronomers has discovered a Sun-like “Death Star” which is alleged to ingest its planets. The newly discovered “Death Star” is reported to swallow the planets coming on its orbiting track.

A team of astronomers at the University of São Paulo in Brazil has detected a super-big plant-swallowing ‘Death Star’ which is quite similar to Sun. The study led by Jorge Melendez, a professor at the University Of São Paulo, Brazil revealed that the sun-like star, called ‘HIP68468’, has the capacity of destroying the planets coming into its path. The new findings now have triggered the possibility of unlocking the mysterious secrets of the terrestrial system and are expected to pave the way for the astronomers to explore more details about the formation of the planetary system.

The research team while conducting a multi-year space mission to detect planets that are circling the Sun have found the solar twin which is titled as ‘HIP68468’. HIP68468 has situated 300 light-years away from the Earth and is orbiting another star rather than circling Sun. Throughout the study, the Brazilian astronomers also discovered that in 1995, HIP68468 was orbiting a star despite the sun and from that point, it has swallowed more than two thousand exoplanets.

Jacob Bean, the co-author of the research and an assistant professor of astronomy and astrophysics at the University of Chicago, said, “While analysing HIP6846, we got some robust and reliable evidence about the presence of the ‘death star’ which is almost equal to the dimension of Sun. We also noticed that this solar twin is orbiting another star rather than Sun in 1995 and since then, thousands of exoplanets have gone vanished from the space orbit. The Sun-like planet also can eat the planets creating hurdles in its course.

However, he confirmed that the Sun-like planet is eating up the planets doesn’t mean that Sun will one day eat up the earth or any other planet.

You must have seen the concepts of a giant ‘death star’ consumption the earth in the famous Hollywood movie “Star Wars, and now such a real planet-eating star is spotted in the solar system that has allegedly gobbled up more than two thousand exoplanets.

However, another co-author of the study and the lead founder of this planet, Megan Bedell has confirmed that drawing any particular and precise conclusion from only one research or clue is not justifiable. The findings are currently subjective to further experiment.

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