Astro-Boffins Say, Our Planet is a Celestial Misfit


The astro-boffins, who have performed analyses of solar systems where the exoplanets have been plotted, say that our solar system may be the celestial misfit.


After examining the semi major axis and radius of 909 planets in the system of 355 multi planets observed by W. M. Keck Observatory, Hawaii, a group of astrophysicists claimed that humans are living in the weird neighborhood. The research findings have been disclosed in The Astrophysical Journal.

Astrophysicists discovered that all the planets lying in the same cosmic system are having correlated sizes. The published paper states that, “Each planet is more likely to be the size of its neighbor than a size drawn at random from the distribution of observed planet sizes.”

If there are three or more planets in the solar system, they are more likely as well to be the arranged regularly. the smaller ones are more likely to locate closer together as compared to larger planets, helping scientists overcome with the patterns formed early during their development

Postdoctoral fellow and leading author of the published paper, Lauren Weiss from the University of Montreal stated that, “The planets in a system tend to be the same size and regularly spaced, like peas in a pod. These patterns would not occur if the planet sizes or spacing were drawn at random.”

Weiss added that, “If we find one potentially rocky exoplanet that’s too hot to be habitable, it might be worthwhile to search for additional planets in that system, because there might be a similarly sized planet in the habitable zone waiting to be discovered.”