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Since many years scientists are searching for biosignatures and the existence of life out of Earth but are have always ended up with false alarm but this time they are damn confident on hitting the right spot. They are expressing the huge possibility of a scientific breakthrough on alien life discovery.

Simon Foster, a young physicist from the Imperial college of London, is of the opinion that planets like Enceladus and Europa may prove as strong candidates for hosting some form of life on their surface. Though these may be in the microbial form but yet can lead to many other discoveries.

His predictions will be aid through the discoveries of Cassini space probe. This super craft is orbiting around Saturn and is examining many of its moons including Enceladus. Cassini has already discovered small icy particles and geyser on the surface of Enceladus and assumes the presence of Underground Ocean beneath it. This fact also gives a promising lead to the world where life could exist.

Cassini also brought out the dramatic truth on why E- ring of Saturn is made up of ice droplets. This prompted the scientist on further digging the fact and they came to know that continuous rapid jet outflow of icy particles composed of water and other organic materials are coming out of the ocean.

Some of those get passed to E ring. Cassini also revealed that that the ice droplets are composed of silica nanograins. Studies show that nanograins forms under the condition where water reacts with the rock above 90-degree temperature. These are nothing but hydrothermal vents similar those present here on the Earth.

The diameter of Enceladus is very small; nearly one-seventh of that of our moon and it also lacks sufficient power of gravity that is required to hold an atmosphere. Therefore, it is more likely that the ocean will be of the size of lakes those present on earth and a deep research with sufficient proofs are required to arrive at any particular conclusion.

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