Spoon Mars 1

As we are finding ways to establish life on Mars, the alien life searchers are providing evidence of the existence of life there. In a recent report, The TeCake reported that alien gazers have found an eating utensil for the first time on Mars.

The finding evidences the existence of alien lifeMars in the past and they were intelligent enough to make such eating utensils and cultured enough to use them gracefully.

After series of mind-boggling discoveries on the Martian surface, alien hunters have spotted a spoon while examining the image captured by the Mars Curiosity rover that is examining Martian surface in search of water and life.

The stunning discovery was made by the YouTuber UFO Hunter who has made a video in which he shown magnified the image for us to see the giant soon clearly on the Mars. The gigantic size of the spoon suggests that aliens living on the neighbour planet were massive in size.

Spoon Mars 2

“The spoon is actually the second spoon to be found on mars, and this one is an exact duplicate of the earlier discovery…there is almost no difference in the spoons found. The perfectly match! Also, I explored the photo a little bit and found that in the upper left hand corner there was another eating utensil that a resembles a spoon but with a triangle end to it. Now that could also be a stirrer or even a knife if you use the opposite end of it, but its dimensions match the spoon. Its length width and thickness all match the spoon,” UFO sighting daily editor Scott C Waring.

Spoon Mars 3

Some also claim that the US space agency NASA can not ignore such things and they know that aliens do live but they are hiding it from us. However, NASA unofficially claimed it to be Pareidolia — a psychological phenomenon involving a stimulus wherein the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something where none actually exists.

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