Sony Bringing Back Its Exclusive Robotic Dog, Aibo in More Featured Version

The iconic robot pet, AIBO is back again after a decade, as Sony decided to revive its old robotic dog with a brand new featured model. Sony is marketing the new version of iconic robot pet as ‘aibo’ instead of old ‘AIBO’.

The new aibo comes with more powerful equipment including OLED displays specifically for it eyes, a potent computer chip and ability of connecting with mobile networks. The new robotic pet also responds to the verbal commands like its predecessor as well as it can sit, bark and wag its tail.

Aibo is having rounder edges, while it is enough small to be easily picked up. The pre-orders aibo available only for Japan that begin with 198,000 yen (i.e. $1,740) from Wednesday and shipments are starting from 11th January.

Sony describes the new pet toy, aibo as it can form a bond of emotions with family members along with providing them affection, love and a joy of raising a companion and nurturing. The robot uses ultra-compact actuators that enable its body to move in all 22 axes and it’s the OLED panels in its eyes give a scope of expressions. The battery life is to last up to two hours after a charging time of three hours.

The President and CEO of Sony Corporation, Kazuo Hirai stated in a press conference held in Tokyo that, “Sony’s mission, and reason for existence, is to be a company that piques people’s curiosity. I’m convinced that a robot that can connect with a family, and give them a joy, is an embodiment of Sony’s mission, and therefore asked for the development of aibo a year and a half ago.”

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