Facebook-owned WhatsApp

Since past couple of weeks, a new message has been circling the platform of WhatsApp, asking the users to click on the given link to grab unlimited 4G data and voice calls on BSNL network for one year. Like many others, I also wish the message to be true. But unfortunately, it is not! The message is completely a fraud one and contains the virus, BSNL clarified to the media.

Though the message has a link quite similar to the official website of BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited), in fact, it is a sting to assault the personal data of the users through virus affected programming. If you thoroughly observe the given link, you will find a capital “I” instead of “L,” which is programmed to drive to a hoax site rather than the official website of BSNL.

The spam BSNL message reads –

“BSNL 4G ExPress SIM Launched. With every 4G ExPress SIM, you get unlimited data and calls for one year, with additional freebies.  BSNL 4G ExPress SIM features: Unlimited 4G Internet, unlimited calls, unlimited SMS,  4G internet speed up to 10 Mbps and free SIM card. Get your FREE BSNL 4G ExPress SIM Card Today. Offer is valid till 31st Dec 2016. Register Now:”

Browsing such unofficial links can hamper your sensitive WhatsApp data, and hackers can easily take the control on your WhatsApp account. Such links and their root sites are extremely malicious and can hold your phone back. Moreover, your contacts, Google account, and other account information can also be hacked by the cyber crooks.

So WhatsApp users are strictly advised to stay away from such forwarded messages and hoax schemes. If you receive any such forwarded messages or links, be careful because it is nothing more than a fraudulent attempt of cyber-thieves to push into your personal information and derive cash out of it.

Previously, we have experienced multiple scams and fraud messages forwarded from contact to contact. But the recent one has stunned the entire social media world and also affected the Indian telecom sector.

WhatsApp is no doubt the most popular and most widely used cross-messaging app. With more than one billion active users, the Facebook-owned app has kept on dominating the social media realm since years. Apart from messaging, the application also facilitates users to share pictures, videos, location, contacts, and documents with each other. However, apart from being the best mode of communication, WhatsApp also has ended up being the most convenient platform for cheaters and cyber crooks to spread hoax messages and fraud schemes.

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