Google Gboard keyboard for iphone- Swiftnary

Third-party Keyboard named as Google’s Gboard keyboard for the iPhone has ultimately come on the App store of the Apple. It will enable users to send Google search results from the keyboard app itself.

At first glimpse, the keyboard seems like any other keyboard, but the hidden things to its attraction are placed in the little G button on the top row. Clicking that button provides users to access all power of the google search within the keyboard itself.

The user allows searching for contacts, locations, images, trailers and gifs, anything that they usually search for on Google and can simply put into the chat window. The tech giant Google said that the Gboard will be easy to use and convenient than a traditional keyboard as the user won’t have to quit the app just to search something like an address or much more. The user will have the power to save the set of copy-paste stuff on their small screens as well.

News articles, flight details, and even emojis can be searched using the keyboard and all the results will be seen as cards with simple drag and drop option. If that’s not sufficient, the keyboard also supports Glide typing, which is another term used instead of swipe input.

In order to use the Gboard as a third party app keyboard, the users have to first download the app from the Apple store, then move to Settings>General>Keyboard. The app automatically tells them on how to set-up, when the user first time opens the app. One user is in Keyboard settings, select Gboard as a third-party keyboard app, providing it full access permissions.

The keyboard is presently only available in the U.S. App store, but the user can hope it to launch on other stores as soon as possible. In April, Microsoft had declared its Word Flow keyboard with unique arc-shaped single-handed typing for the iPhone. The Google’s Gboard app won’t be providing the speech-to-text feature for now to its users.

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