Cyberattacks hit United States cities, companies


Cyberattacks hit United States cities increasingly. They find themselves at risk for breaches involving so-called ransomware. Recently computer networks serving the cities of Atlanta, Baltimore, Denver, and the operations of Boeing faced this.

Atlanta’s computer systems were locked with important city data behind an encrypted wall. It can be unlocked only if the city pays the hackers $51,000 in the form of Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Hackers said that the information will be vanished if refused to pay the money by a deadline this week. The group uses ransomware against targets that have weak security. According to the CSO, the group has collected nearly $850,000 since 2017.

The city of Atlanta suspends some services and some have to be done manually. It takes more than six days to recover only some parts of the information.

The world’s largest aerospace company, Boeing, was the target of a cyberattack Wednesday via the well known WannaCry ransomware. The same tool that crippled the health care services in Britain last year, the Seattle Times reported.

The cyberattack breached only a few production equipment machines. The vulnerability was limited to a few machines. Some websites and online services also stopped working in Denver Wednesday afternoon.

Some city staff reported lost access to email and other digital systems. Officials said they believe the shutdown was caused by a software bug. For giving back the information there is demand of Bitcoin in exchange.

David McCurdy, chief technology officer, said the department had “no intention of paying ransomware.” The damage to CDOT‘s computer systems was reportedly lessened.

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