Amazon Prime Video

After the launch of Amazon Prime in India, the demands and speculations for ‘Amazon Prime Video’ have been soaring at a faster rate and finally bringing up all those speculations to an end; Amazon introduced its Prime Video for the Indian users.

Amazon Prime Video is ‘video on demand’ streaming service of Amazon which is intended to deliver Indian users movies, TV shows, and other video contents on specific demand. On Wednesday, Amazon Prime Video App has made its way to both Android and iOS platforms and the subscribers of Amazon Prime can easily download the app on their smartphones.

Currently, Amazon is offering its Prime service only at Rs. 499 per year; while with the addition of Prime Video, the full price is expected to go up to Rs. 999 per year. However, Amazon hasn’t yet confirmed when this offer will come into effect. For now, the Amazon Prime subscribers will have to pay Rs. 41.50 per month to enjoy Amazon Prime Video, while the full price is expected to be Rs. 83.25 per month.

If we consider the tariffs of Amazon, it is surely too lower than the price ranges of Netflix, which launched its streaming service a year ago. While the monthly tariff of Netflix is Rs 650, Amazon Prime Video with a cheaper tag is expected to find its way into Indian homes and devices soon.

If you are an Android user and you already have installed and signed up for the Amazon App; you can directly access into the Amazon Prime Video app without signing in. All you need to do is to download the app from the Google Play Store, install it and start surfing and enjoying favourite videos, movies, games, and serials.

Moreover, Amazon is also facilitating India users to use Indian Amazon Prime account details to enjoy Prime Videos in other countries. It means, if you have are an India subscriber to Amazon and is operating it by paying Rs. 499, you can avail its access into other country’s Amazon Prime Video App. If you want to integrate your India account with the US Prime membership, you will be charged $99, which is Rs. 6700 in Indian currency.

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