Shocking Expose..! Canned Pumpkin Contains Squash Variety, ‘Dickinson Pumpkin’

A controversial canned pumpkin label is becoming a perpetual exercise day by day. Last year, Snopes worked out for the debacle, building its case on Wine article and Food, which got harvest knickers of the internet in collective twist. But, the trivia tidbit is getting bounced across the web from year 2012, when it was revealed by Heirloom Gardener about the most shocking expose of canned pumpkin of Libby’s brand that contained a crushed variety known as the Dickinson pumpkin. Though, Libby’s brand still acknowledges on their website that they are using the ‘Dickinson variety of pumpkin’.

The reason behind the debate, which is claiming that canned pumpkin is not a field pumpkin, is that field pumpkin is not healthy to eat. Only, Colonial Americans used to eat them, when they could not buy anything else to eat, as it is very icky. When the Industrial Revolution started occupying the market, the pumpkins left beck in the farm. No one struggled to sell pumpkins in the market, while squash were sold in the city and even remained as a part of daily life of the people. It was used just as a cheap alternative for the animal feed in small family farms. Thus, the pumpkins became the symbol for agrarian values that is a bright-orange beacon for the Americana.

Since, maxima and pepo are only the species of pumpkins that will definitely not cross-pollinate each other, while it is possible that it will cross pollinate between maxima and moschata or between moschata and mixta and pepo crosses either mixta or moschata.

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