One of the latest reports by the HAN and CDC which are American centers that monitor the growth of any disease and virus in the country says that the Seoul Virus has hit parts of America and Canada as well. This is basically a virus that is found in Rats and is more likely to be in pet Rats that people love to keep in their homes due to their cuteness. It seems that keeping these cute little creatures in homes will not be good anymore.

The Seoul virus causes hemorrhagic fever and renal syndrome that is characterized by very high fever and uncontrolled renal discharge from the person who is affected by this virus. These Rats may also have other viruses hidden in them that can cause even gross problems to humans. Researchers and studies are being carried out in various labs in the country on Rats to know more about the Seoul virus.

The experts fear that this can soon turn into an epidemic if proper steps are not taken before hand for the same. Humans get affect by the Seoul viruses as soon as they come in contact of the saliva or urinal discharges from these rodents. There are cases when people have been affected by this virus even after a bite from Rats as scientists believe that even teethes of domesticated Rats carry these viruses.

11 cases have been reported in the United States since people affected by the Seoul virus started getting admitted in hospitals. So far Wisconsin is the region that has the most cases of people being affected by the Seoul virus.

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