Scientists Have Solved a Puzzle of Wings-Pattern of Butterfly

As the nature is the best skilled artist, it has made the countless creatures. And the colorful butterflies are one of them that puzzle the world with the attractive patterns on their wings.  The scientists have recently revealed the secret of colors and wing patterns of butterflies by using the special gene-editing tool.

The new study has been conducted with the observation of 20,000 species of unique butterflies. The scientists concluded that there are two genes present in the butterflies, which are majorly responsible for their patterns and colors.

An evolutionary geneticist and one of the authors of the theory, Arnaud Martin, a professor of biology at the George Washington University, stated that had an experiment on the wing patterns of the butterflies as proxy, to solve the fundamental rules of the functions of genes.

The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences recently published two theories, saying that these complex patterns on wings of butterflies are dictated by two particular genes. The team of researchers used a special tool for editing their genes, called ‘CRISPR’. Researchers removed those genes as a part of experiment, which resulted the broad change in the wings, as disappearance of colors, bleeding and fading.

Arnaud Martin said in a statement, “It also enabled a massive comparison between species and showed that pattern evolution has consisted of variations on a common theme. In a way, a butterfly wing starts as a blank canvas where patches of cells develop for a specific purpose, and we have that in our own anatomy. If you look at the brain, to make very complicated brains you’ve got to make patterns. We don’t really know how all these patterns develop. That’s where butterflies come in.”

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