Scientists Found Bright Radio Bursts Coming From Deep Galaxy

The scientists from the Breakthrough Listen team have been working on a project dedicated to discover the signs of aliens’ world existence since long. With using Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia, they found mysterioussignals, called as fast radio burst (FRB)on 26 August.

These are the bright, micro radio signalpulses coming from the other end of the universe and were firstidentified a decade back.The FRB was found in 2012 for the first time and was named as FRB 121102. Later it found again in 2015.

Dr. Vishal Gajjar, a postdoctoral researcher at UC Berkeley,targeted FRB 121102 again with the help of Breakthrough Listen team in West Virginia’s Green Bank Telescope. Through the observation of five hours over 4 to 8 GHz frequency band, Gajjar along with the Breakthrough team analyzed 400 terabytes data and discovered fifteen new FRB 121102 pulses.

Vishal Gajjar said in statement that, “The possible implications are two folds. This detection at such a high frequency helps us scrutinize many (of FRB 121102’s) origin models. The frequency structure we see across our total band of 4 to 8 GHz also allows us to understand the intervening medium between us and the source.As the source is going into another active state means that the origin models associated with some sort of cataclysmic events are less likely to be the case of FRB 121102. It should be noted that they can still be valid for other FRBs.”

Still, it remains unexplained whether these mysterious signals of fast radio burstare really the signs of aliens or they are just the outcomes some natural processes in distant galaxy.

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