Scientists Developed Flexible Electronic Skin Inspired By Glowing Jellyfish

A team of researchers from the Huazhong University of Science and Technology located at Wuhan, Hubei province, China, has developed an artificial electronic skin with the inspiration by jellyfish, which reacts by glowing when it’s in pain. This featured electronic skin can be used in various fields like prosthetics and robotics.

The new e-skin lights up right when it receives pressures more enough to get damaged.  the team has taken an inspiration particularly from ‘Atolla jellyfish’, a species of jellyfish that can discharge bright light-blazes when it is under threat.

The e-skin has extreme potentials to mimic up to higher range of sensitivity of biological skin. it is optimal sensitive under the restricted range of poor pressure. it is also able to detect minor breeze or touch. the skin sensors don’t respond to harmful blow more effectively.

Researchers say such artificial skins get damaged easily due to insufficient sensitivity across a certain point. However, the biological skins are capable of not only detecting the presence of touch, but also can feel the increased and decreased pressure with the help of pain receptors.

To develop the pain-sensitive illusion, the researchers created a material, which can form electric signal when it gets expanded by the silver wires that are interlaying within its stretchy skin.  According to the report, the team also added a phosphors layer that includes particles able to luminesce in between the skin layers. the research has been published in the American Chemical Society journal (ACS).

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