Scientists Developed Environment Friendly Algae-Based and Renewable Footwear

Leather is a far widely used material from ancient period for the production of quality foot-wears, but now the scientists have developed admirable footwear made up of algae, which is a diverse group of photosynthetic organisms. The new footwear can now be supposed to come with better benefits after indulged them in some chemical processes.

The footwear is now considered as renewable as well as environment friendly substitute to the slippers that are petroleum-based in some countries including China and India. These petroleum-based slippers get produced in the amount of more than Three billion each year across the world. They are eventually responsible to end up the rivers, landfills and oceans as no biodegradable trash.

A professor from the University of California at San Diego in the United States and a leading researcher of the study at UC Davis, Stephen Mayfield stated that, “These are the shoes of a fisherman and a farmer. This is the number one footwear in India, China and in Africa. One of the largest pollutants in the ocean is polyurethane from flip-flops. Even though a flip-flop seems like a minor product, a throwaway that everyone wears, it turns out that this is the Number one shoe in the world.”

Now, the researchers are experimenting on these algae- based slippers to them also ‘biodegradable’ by chemically transforming its algae oil into the polyurethane in order to allow the carbon bonds become degraded with the help of microorganisms.

Mayfield added in a statement that, “Petroleum comes from algae that lived in the ancient oceans hundreds of millions of years ago. A lot of people do not know that. But what that It means that anything we make from petroleum we can ultimately make from algae.”

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