Scientist Created New Injectable Surgical Glue That Seals Wounds In Just 60 Seconds

A team of scientists from Australia and the United States has developed injectable surgical glue which deftly seals the wounds as fast as just within a minute without stitches or staples. A squirt like substance may be eventually used in emergency situations and in surgeries, though the newly innovated glue is yet to be tested on humans.

It is named as MeTro and developed by the scientists from University of Sydney, Northeastern University and Harvard Medical School. Its elasticity property has made it ideal to treat wounds, which are mainly called to contract and expand as well as in cases, where the wounds are at the higher risk of re-opening. The researcher working on a same innovation suggest that it can be used in the treatment both internal and external tissues including the heart, arteries, skin and lungs.

Anthony Weiss, a co-author of the study said in a statement that, “The potential applications are powerful, from treating serious internal wounds at emergency sites such as following car accidents and in war zones, as well as improving hospital surgeries. When you watch MeTro, you can see it act like a liquid, filling the gaps and conforming to the shape of the wound. It responds well biologically, and interfaces closely with human tissue to promote healing. The gel is easily stored and can be squirted directly onto a wound or cavity.”

Researchers have tested the MeTro in rats with applying it to the punctures in lungs and incisions in arteries. It has also sealed the wounds in lungs of pig successfully, even after the continuously deflations and inflations. Now scientists are looking forward to test the product directly human wounds.

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