Warm water triggering Ice glacial melting in Antarctic: Research Says

An international group of scientists, during a new investigation, found hot water causing the melt of Ice glacial in Antarctic. On Friday, a team of researchers from the United States and Australia published a report discussing the issues and reasons behind the melt of world’s largest glacier, which indicated the increasing level of warm water to be the cause behind it. The report comprised the ice melt issue of world’s most massive ice sheet: Totten Glacier, East Antarctica. The research concluded with a troubling confirmation that – Totten is melting from below because of the warm water.

A year ago, a researcher team from Australia detected a massive conduit of hot water which was around 10 kilometers wide and 1 kilometer deep streaming in front of the western side of the Totten Glacier. During further research, they found this warm water channel to cause the glacier melting rapidly. Recently, scientists, with the aim to find how warm water is affecting one of the world’s largest glaciers, and triggering the ice to be softening conducted the new research and the result is what, they have been expecting since a long.

The complete study report and discovery are published today, on 17th December 2016 in the academic journal of “Science Advances’. The report and findings have spilled new light on the susceptibility of the East Antarctic ice sheet melting at a faster pace because of the warmth water channel.

Spilling light on the extreme vulnerability of this matter, the lead author of the study, Steve Rintoul said, “now it has become extremely essential to know how the warm water in reaching and affecting the ice glacier of Antarctic. It is important to identify as the grounding line of the glacier have started serving as a type of socket that is restricting the speed ice usually flows, and is helping to hold back a huge amount of ice on top of sea level.”

Taking the statement forward, he added; it was the first time that any scientists have been capable of testing a theory that is stating the warm ocean waters to slimming the glacier’s volume. The volume of Totten has been trimming down at a much faster rate in comparison to other glaciers existed in East Antarctica. While the vulnerability level is becoming higher over the year, the reason behind this is still unknown t many.

During the survey, the scientists have discovered that tempered sea water is reaching the hole of the Antarctic through a waterway and the temperatures of the water are causing the ice shelf to melt at the point where it falls on the ground.

Because of this abnormal melt of ice in Antarctic, the global sea levels have raised about 3.5 meters in past couple of years, warned Dr. Rintoul.

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