US asks China to return the illegally detained naval probe immediately

A new legal conflict seems to be swelling between the US and China after Chinese Government illegally held the Naval Probe of the US, a few days back. The US government, on Friday, has asked the Chinese Federal to return the naval probe immediately claiming the act to be completely illegal.

A few days back, an unmanned underwater drone, owned by the US was surfing in international waters regions in the South China Sea. The surfing of naval probe was a US-operated mission to track the presence of Beijing’s military in the borderline area. However, China had allegedly taken the drone when it was moving around 50 nautical miles (90km) north-west of Subic Bay in the Philippines.

As said by Pentagon, China unlawfully confined the submerged drone while a survey ship of US Navy was on a planned mission 50 nautical miles north-west of Subic Bay in the Philippines. Presently, the Pentagon asked China to give the US Navy underground probe back which was caught in international waters border in the South China Sea, an encounter liable to intensify strains in a region where China is declaring more prominent control and extending army bases.

On Thursday, a Chinese naval ship unlawfully detained the small unmanned naval probe of the US while the US Navy survey ship called ‘USNS Bowditch’ was on a routine trip to the Philippines. While the intention behind this action wasn’t immediately understandable, some analysts are expecting this move to be a response to comments condemning China because of the US President-elect Donald Trump. However, despite the reasons, the detaining marked an exodus from past Chinese actions as the incident took place within the exclusive economic zone of Philippines.

Friday, while commenting on this matter, the spokesperson of Pentagon, Peter Cook reported to media, “Soon we will call the Chinese Federal on this issue. We will ask China to give our UUV back immediately and complying with all the legal obligations operated under international law”.

On the other hand, a Retired Major and a senior researcher at Beijing-based research organisation, China Arms Control, and Disarmament Association General Xu Guangyu said, “Chinese rules regarding the surf of unmanned underwater probes are quite strict because they can track the nuclear ballistic missile being operated in China. If the naval ship of the US is detained, then it must be running too close to the sensitive water borders of the country.”

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