TeamIndus, India-based company to send robot to Moon using ISRO PSLV rocket

India is going to be privileged with a more enriched and empowered robotic space mission segment as, a domestic and privately-held company will be conducting the mission of sending a robot to Moon. TeamIndus, an India-based company, is gearing up to conduct a Lunar Operation under which it will send a robot to Moon. On Thursday, the start-up company TeamIndus signed a first-of-its-kind deal with Indian Space Organisation (ISRO) to send off a TeamIndus robot to the Moon in 2017.

TeamIndus will jointly work with ISRO for its next lunar mission slated for 2017. The start-up company will remit its Moon-bound robot ISRO’s on board Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) in the last quarter of 2017. As said by the official of TeamIndus, the deal is a noble effort to prevail the “Google Lunar XPRIZE.” To recall, Google Lunar XPRIZE is a competition to test and motivate engineers and entrepreneurs across the globe to invent low-cost methods of robotic space exploration.

“Google Lunar XPRIZE” competition requires privately endorsed groups to land their rovers on the surface of the Moon, take a trip of 500 meters and transmit high-resolution video clips, pictures and data back to Earth.

TeamIndus is the only Indian company and team to compete in Google Lunar XPRIZE competition. The cash prize for the winner of the contest is declared to be $30 million, and with the help of ISRO, the new India-based company is expected to taste the victory. This is for the first time for ISRO to handover its dedicated PSLV mission to any private entity.

Well, if goes successful, this mission will be a first-of-its-kind lunar operation of India. India is already intensifying its lunar missions with the launch of a series of probes, and now landing of a robotic rover on the surface of Moon will add more richness to its current endeavours.

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