A Rare Red Handfish Discovered In Tasmania Coast


A rare red handfish discovered by a team of divers in Tasmania. The team believes that the discovered red handfish is one of the world’s rarest species of fish.

A new population of fish has bizarre finger-like fins which help the team to walk across the surface of the ocean.

Only 20 to 40 species of red handfish have been discovered in the whole world. The new find is another addition to the unique fish that was born with finger-like fins.

An expert diver, Antonia Cooper from IMAS University of Tasmania led his diving team for a deep-sea extravaganza. They discovered an extremely rare red handfish at the end of their diving session.

Antonia Cooper said that finding a rare population, absolutely distinct from the existing one is very exciting.

Previous studies related to this species have claimed that red handfishes are facing the hazard of disappearance. But while considering their extinction, this newly discovered population is a promising discovery.

“Finding this second population is a huge relief as it effectively doubles how many we think are left on the planet,” explains researcher Dr. Stuart-Smith. “We can take some heart from knowing red handfish are not as critically dependent on that particular set of local conditions,” Stuart-Smith added.

Red handfish has found only off south-east Tasmania but now it’s a global hotspot for the family of red handfishes.

The University has sent a team of 7 expert divers for the follow up on the spotted individual handfish, and scan red handfish’s area for their further study

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