Pollution free air is the key to bolster global warming

Pollution free air is the birthright of every human being on this planet but the scientists are warning us that if we neglect this pollution aspect then we may suffer from unexpected consequence. Pollution is in fact aiding in keeping the climate cool, concealing some of the global warming that has taken place so far.

This signifies that attempts globally to tidy the air pollution may aide in warming the planet further and may cause other side effects of the change in the climate. A recent research conducted is aiding to determine the vastness of that effect. A study published proposes that terminating the human discharge of aerosols, minute air polluting molecules often let out by human through industrial activities could culminate in auxiliary global warming of anywhere from half a degree to 1 degree Celsius.

This would safeguard that the planet will melt beyond the most severe targets climate aims demarcated in Paris climate agreement. World leaders have drawn a parallel line of maintaining global temperatures within 1.5 to 2 degrees Celsius of their preindustrial degrees. However the research recommends that the warming level of the earth has surpassed by 1 degree. This means now even if the earth warms by half degree more it could venture into uncharted territories.

Bjørn Samset, a climate scientist at Norway’s CICERO Center for International Climate Research and the study’s lead author said that as we are trying to maintain a 1.5- or 2-degree aim then this we need to store in our memories.