Cassini Spacecraft Photographed Closest View of Saturns Moon Daphnis

The US-based space agency NASA has recently shared a breathtaking view of Tethys – the icy moon of Saturn, for public access. Beamed back by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, the picture is giving some stunning glimpses of the arctic object Tethys. During a close flyby to Saturn, the Cassini spacecraft took a peek at its larger icy moon and surprisingly, it vaguely looks like a massive space eyeball, staring off into space.

You might recall the rejected villain of Star Trek when you heard about the massive space eyeball. But surprisingly, it is the first impression of Saturn’s icy moon Tethys, when the space enthusiasts see it. Tethys is also known as Saturn III. It is the mid-sized moon of Saturn and measures 660 miles (1,062 kilometers) across.

As reported by NASA, Cassini spacecraft clicked the view of Tethys with its narrow-angle onboard camera in green light. The views were taken on 10th November 2016 and later beamed back to the ground-based systems. When the picture was clicked, Tethys was positioned at an approximate distance of 228,000 miles (367,000 kilometers) from the spacecraft. In the recent image, the icy moon ‘Tethys’ indistinctly looks like a space eyeball staring off into space. According to NASA, the resemblance of the moon with an eyeball is because of the huge crater, Odysseus, and it’s multifarious of central peaks.

NASA in a recent note said highlights about how the crater called Odysseus are having a larger impact on Tethys to look like a space eyeball, staring into space. In addition to this, the US-based independent space agency also mentioned that the ricochet of the impact is causing the precipitous peaks, called Scheria Montes, to configure in the crater’s core.

To recall, Tethys is cratered by multiple large faults but Odysseus is the largest impact crater. The diameter of Odysseus is nearly 400 km and its complex central peaks are affecting the look of the Moon significantly.

Tethys isn’t the only moon of Saturn to have a close similarity to an everyday object, but there is one more object with the same characteristic too. Prometheus, the inner satellite of Saturn also have close resemblances to a potato and the death star of Saturn – Mimas, seems like a creepy lumpy edition of Darth Vader’s Death Star spaceship from Star Wars.

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