NASA aligning technical glitch of curiosity’s drilling operation 

NASA’s Mars Rover, Curiosity is currently busy in transmitting the evidence of the presence of rocks on the Martian Surface, while the engineers of the space agency are troubleshooting the technical glitch found in the drill operation part of the rover.

NASA’s Mars Rover, Curiosity which was launched in 2011 to examine various factors of the Red Planet came across a serious glitch with its drilling machine last week. The engine of the rover which is associated with the functioning of its boring tool spotted to be affected by a technical malfunction because of which it quit driving. After the happening, NASA’s engineer team has already started troubleshooting the glitch using its mechanical arm.

Curiosity Mars Rover, developed and operated by NASA is currently positioned on the lower Mount Sharp of the Mars for collecting the seventh sample of the mission of 2016. However, because of the problem in its drilling machine, the Rover remained inactive while scientists are busy in aligning the fault as soon as possible.

According to Ashwin Vasavada, project scientist of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, “NASA’s Mars Curiosity didn’t yet reach at its peak mission because of the fault in the drilling commands. The rover spotted the failure of the machine in the initial step due to which, the “drill feed” device of the rover stop pulling out the tool to stroke the rock objective with the bit. This eventually triggered an uncompleted task.

On this matter, Steven Lee, Curiosity Deputy Project Manager of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) reported to the media which reads, “Engineers of NASA have developed a set of a diagnostic test method to compute the drill feed tool. By drawing on the trial tools on the rover presented on Earth, astronauts are now troubleshooting the issues on the Rover orbiting in the Red Planet.

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