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The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay has set its annual TechFest 2016 on fire. Inaugurated today, the TechFest will go ahead until 19th December.  Said to be the Asia’s biggest Science and Technology Festival, TechFest 2016 is based on the theme of Space Expedition. Unesco and Unicef patronize Techfest 2016 with a footfall of more than 165,000 people. Among, 165,000 people, most participants are youths from across the country along with the outreach of over 2,500 colleges across India.

The first day of the event is scheduled to see a series of tech-based competitions, lectures, and summits. The idea behind TechFest 2016 is to inspire, encourage and generate a digital transformation. The event is being celebrated in the Powai campus of IIT Bombay. Rather than the compactions and lecturers, the event will also witness some power-packed exhibitions by students from tech institutes across the globe.

However, among the most highlighted events of the first day of TechFest, a mind-controlled drone designed and represented by Puzzlebox Orbit, US, has grabbed hundreds of eyeballs. The mind-controlled robot is said to be embarrassed by neuro-senses of a human being’s mind.

As per an official statement, “such types of mind-controlled drones can be employed by handicapped and paralysed patients for communing with us and alleviate their effort. Visitors, coming to see the exhibition will be privileged to control and operate the robot by their mind and neuro-sense.

Among other attractions of the first day of Techfest 2016 include morphofunctional robots, from Switzerland which can impersonate the activities of bio-creatures, scale variants of launch vehicles and satellites used by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) including Chandrayaan and Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM). In addition, the event will also represent an Auto Expo, which will involve cars and bikes ranging from Lamborghini and Audi to Ferrari and much more.

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