Inner Ear Helps Cheetah Run Fast, Say Researchers


Inner ear helps cheetah run fast, says a latest research that finally could succeed to discover the vital factor responsible for cheetah’s faster speed.

Cheetah is known as the fastest running animal in the world that has such a savage speed obtaining from its inner ear, according to the new research released on February 2 in the journal Scientific Reports. The research has shown that the inner ear helps cheetah to gain a maximum speed of nearly 65 miles an hour.

A team of researchers has explored HD pictures of 21 skulls of big cats, various species of cheetahs and one lost Cheetah species. The team applied scanners to reproduce 3D pictures of those animals’ inner ears, where they found that cheetah has biggest inner ear, because of which they are able to keep its head motionless and manage balance while being the world’s fastest animal runs with over a speed of 65 mph.

Camille Grohé, a postdoctoral fellow from the Division of Paleontology at the American Museum of Natural History, with colleagues observed the extraordinary sensory capabilities of the fastest ground animal on the earth by probing its inner ear.

The team of researchers wrote in the published study that, “The vestibular system of modern cheetahs is extremely different in shape and proportions relative to other cats analyzed. These distinctive attributes (i.e., one of the greatest volumes of the vestibular system, dorsal extension of the anterior and posterior semicircular canals) correlate with a greater afferent sensitivity of the inner ear to head motions, facilitating postural and visual stability during the high speed prey pursuit and capture.”