India to conduct final-trial of nuclear-equipped Agni-V by end of this year

India is gearing up to put its much-anticipated Agni-V on the final trial launch by the end of this year. Agni-V is the fourth edition of India’s influential “Agni” series which was commenced in 1989. The fourth missile of the series was previously slated for the final trial earlier this year. But because of the malfunction in the missile technology, the launch postponed. However, now, the glitch has been solved, and India is all set to put the Agni-V on fire for the final trial.

The nuclear-capable missile Agni-V is developed and operated by The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). Like its ancestors, the latest weapon is also extremely powerful and is capable of hitting the target to the extent of Northern China, said an official of DRDO in a statement.

As said by DRDO, Agni-V is the most redoubtable nuclear missile of the country as it can target the entire China and nearby locations within its strike shroud. It is configured as a three-stage missile. Earlier, the rocket was put on trial in an open configuration” in April 2012 and September 2013. After the successful trial for two times, the missile again tested on 30th January 2015 from a hermetically-concealed container accumulated on a Tatra launcher truck in “a deliverable configuration.

The fourth and final test were slated to be carried out earlier this year. But because of the technical glitch snag in the battery part, the trial put on hold. Now, the glitch was cracked by the technical team of DRDO, and now the scientists are gearing up to take a test launch of the highly advanced missile by the end of this year.

Agni-V strategically is one of the most important missiles as it will help India to keep an eye on the movement of China.

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