More than half Global Urban Population dont have broadband accessibility Study-Swiftnary

On Monday, a study conducted by Wireless Infrastructure firm unleashed the fact that world’s almost 57 percent global urban population are not featured with the broadband Internet connection. The firm also revealed that out of 57 percent, 37 percent population belongs to world’s wealthiest cities.

On the eve of World Wi-Fi Day, the study was supported by the Wireless Broadband Alliance conducted by Maravedis-Rethink Research aims to know the percentage of the global urban population who still don’t have any access to broadband.

Shrikant Shenwai, CEO of Wireless Broadband Alliance in a press release stated a clear division between the digital haves and digital have-nots. “There is a clear divide between the digital haves and the digital have-nots. And while this divide generally mirrors socioeconomic trends around the world, there are surprisingly high levels of urban unconnected citizens in major cities.”

Statistics suggests that the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions bear a massive percentage of population without broadband accessibility with an 82 percent and 68 percent share. Although things are not quite good in Europe, North America, and Latin America. The share of these areas is almost 17 percent, 23 percent, and 55 percent.

While major areas of the globe are not connected to broadband, London of the other side has 92 percent population who have  an access to broadband. The first position in the list with least accessibility is Lagos with almost 88.3 percent.

Shenwai further added that their main motive is to connect the unconnected around the globe. To make this possible, he plans to call cities, governments, operators and tech giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft. “World Wi-Fi Day is an opportunity to recognise the contributions being made to help connect the unconnected around the globe, whether they be in major cities or rural communities. We are therefore calling on cities, governments, operators and technology companies, including Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, to come together today to help deliver affordable, sustainable connectivity for everyone, everywhere.”

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