French Authority Command new ‘Traffic Rules” for Capping Air Pollution

The adverse impacts of air pollution are undoubtedly affecting the society and realising its serious consequences, the government of Paris have started commanding a new traffic guidelines for the nation. On 6th December, 2016, the French Government commands new Traffic Rules which will come into power from today itself.

The French authorities, after realising the severe issues of air pollution have decided to put a ceiling on the use of the vehicle in Paris. By alternating the existing traffic guidelines on 6th December, the French Government has decided to restrict the use of the vehicle in Paris and its suburbs.

After the intensity of air pollution reached extreme levels in the region of Paris, the government has come up with the decision to cap the vehicle use in the city. On this matter, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo said to the local reporters, “Only sedans having even number, electric or hybrid vehicles and vehicles with more than three onboard passengers will be allowed to run on Tuesday.” She also confirmed the public transport to be free to run for the entire day.”

As per the reports quoted by Xinhua news agency, French Government also has appointed The Airport Association, an environmental committee for monitoring the air quality of Ile-de-France. On Tuesday, the pollution index of Ile-de-France is expected to be on the crown position due to the enlarged contaminant of PM10, particulate substance measuring less than 10 microns.

Moreover, while announcing the new Traffic Restriction, Anne Hidalgo also appealed to the citizens of Paris to use uncontaminated and pollution-free modes of transportation like Velib and Autolib, which are public sharing services for bicycles and electric cars. Velib and Autolib are introduced during this long episode of air pollution in Paris and French Government requested the inhabitants to go for these transportation modes for preventing air pollution.

Air pollution is no doubt the most serious hitch facing by the current society of Paris. Because of the growing number of industrialisation and vehicles in the major cities of Paris, the intensity of air pollution is getting bigger day by day and the new Air Pollution Amendment Act brought up by Paris Government is aimed to cap air pollution. The release of contaminated smog and air to the environment from the vehicles and industrial areas is intensifying the level of air pollution across the world and the new rule will put a ceiling on the extreme use of vehicles in the country.

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