Earth’s Ozone Layer is Thinning at Lower Latitudes

Earth’s ozone layer is thinning at lower latitudes. According to a recent study, the ozone layer which protects us from the sun’s ultraviolet rays the ozone layer is thinning in the Earth’s lower stratosphere.

However, scientists working with Switzerland’s Physical Meteorological Observatory are unsure what is causing ozone levels to vary at lower latitudes. Some scientists have suggested that harmful chemicals may be the reason behind this falter.

The stratosphere is the second major atmospheric layer above the troposphere, the lowest layer where all of our weather happens. The stratosphere contains over 15% of the total mass of the atmosphere, and it soaks up large amounts of UV rays.

In 1987, the Montreal Protocol, an international treaty designed to protect the ozone layer by phasing out the harmful chemical called chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), was adopted by officials.

Since the 1970s, Global ozone has been decreasing due to certain man-made chemicals. However the ban of CFCs leads to a recovery at the poles, but the same does not appear to be true for the lower latitudes.

ETH Zurich university professor and study lead author William Ball said, “The finding of declining low-latitude ozone is surprising since our current best atmospheric circulation models do not predict this effect,” “Very short-lived substances could be the missing factor in these models.”

Global warming also affecting the atmosphere and forcing to change and push more of the ozone away from the tropics, researchers claimed.

The scientists said that in further research, they will try to obtain more exact data as earth’s ozone layer is thinning and figure out the other problems related to this changing condition.


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