US President Donald Trump

There’s no point escaping it – Donald Trump’s victory as the President of the US has ended up being a global threat. The possibilities of successfully moderating climate change and holding the level of global temperature below 1.5 degrees are likely to be crashed because of trump’s decision to pull the US out from the historic Paris Climate Deal.

Trump, a man who believes that the abnormal alterations in climatic patterns are nothing other than a ‘hoax’ can make the history of 1997 to repeat it. Though carrying out the decision may take some time or some year, but one can deny the possibilities that Trump can obliterate US government-endorsed organisations involved in funding the treaty to make a greener world.

After the victory of Donald Trump, it seems like history is repeating itself, as had happened with Kyoto Protocol in 1997. To summon up, in 1997, Kyoto Protocol, the US denied taking part in reunion following a change of guard in Washington. With the US pulling back, some other rich countries also took the same action accordingly.

Rather than moving with the noble intention of diminishing the increasing intensity of carbon dioxide for limiting climate change, Paris Protocol is now under threat of newly elected president of US. While scientists firmly believe the climate change to be real and are blaming the human activities and emission of greenhouse gases are the primary causes of climate change, Trump, on the other hand, believes the threat of climate change to be a practical joke.

Including the US and India, the Paris agreement was endorsed by 197 countries. The US which is currently emitting around 55% of the greenhouse gases, if takes its leg back from the deal, it may bring up an adverse impact on other participating nations.

To reduce the impact of climate change, 197 nations around the world endorsed a climate treaty at the UNFCCC COP21 summit, held in Paris in November 2015 and COP22 assembly, conducted in Ochre City of Marrakech, Morocco. The deal is firmly known as Paris climate protocol and in intended to restricting the global average temperature below 2 °C, foster climate resilience, and diminishing the emission of greenhouse gases.

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