Climate Change Raises Migration Probabilities of Inhabitants in South Asia: Study

A recently published study titled as, “Climate Change Knows No Borders,” stated the probability of immigration in South Asian countries to mount in coming years. The research has not only indicated the solemn impacts of climate change on society but also stated the rising possibilities of migration in South Asia. According to the reports, the possibility of migration in South Asian countries would uncontrollably escalate due to climate change in coming years.

The study published on Thursday, ahead of Global Forum on Migration and Development in Dhaka. The aim behind publicizing the research report was to influence the policy makers to make estimations of domestic and external migrations in countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, and India.

The research, which takes some intense look at climate change and its effect on relocation in South Asia, especially in Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka, enhanced the requirement of quick action by governments of the world to handle the issue. The study also said that “the regions of South Asia are extremely vulnerable to the harsh impacts of climate change events like famine, tempered winds, storms, heavy rainfall, floods, etc. South Asian countries are now under a high requirement of support from developed countries, revealed the study report.

Ahead of the Global Forum on Migration and Development, which is programmed to fire up from Friday in Dhaka in Bangladesh, the study ‘Climate Change Knows No Borders’ went live for general public. The research as held by ActionAid, Climate Action Network South Asia and Bread for the World (Brot Fuer Die Welt) and the concluding reports are really shocking. It cautioned about the upsetting and growing impact of climate change on relocation in South Asian Countries.

Due to the climate change, inhabitants of the abovementioned countries are forced to migrate and now the advocates demand protections for the political refugees. While revealing the study, the ecologists said, South Asian Governments have failed to meet up the migration of millions inhabitants because of the impacts of climate change including, storms, floods and other natural disasters.

If you consider the general impacts of climate change, then you will no doubt find the dominating impact of it on the ecosystems, economies, and communities. The effects of abnormal changes in climate are making some regions to experience extreme heat while some are going through intense cold. The sudden and unexpected changes in climatic pattern are bringing up the harsh impact on the human being, ecology, water resources, and ecosystem integrity. Scientists and ecologists are already expecting worse conditions in the near future just because of climate change and the study reports have come up with the same statement, amking the concern more serious and momentous.

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