Cheers Naturalists!!! The Number of Bird Species on Earth Soars to 18, 000

While the entire world is worrying about the decreasing number of animals on the earth, a recently published study has brought up good news for the ecologists. As per the research reports, the number of bird species in the land has soared up to 18, 000 which is almost twice than the previous assumptions. According to the “Biological Species Concept,” the number of birds on earth is 9000 to 10000. But the new study suggests the number be more than 18, 000, which is positive news for the environmentalists.

On this matter, the co-author of the study, Joel Cracraft, from American Museum of Natural History said, “This newly found number of bird species on earth indicates that we have previously been failed to count and conserve the species in the right manners.” He also stated that the researchers now are working on a proposal to bring a significant change in the process how we used to count diversity.

As said by Joel, the new study was entirely focused on exploring the hidden flying diversity – birds. As many birds carry the similar look to another, they were believed to be interbred. But if fact, they are diverse species. It shows the serious blunders in the process of counting diversity, said Joel. He also indicated towards the serious implications for preservation practices for the animals and avian species.

To conduct the study, scientists scrutinized an arbitrary sample of 200 bird species by using the lens of morphology. Morphology is the process of examining the physical characteristics of plumage pattern and colour, which the researchers used to mark birds with different evolutionary histories.

While most of the checklists employed by the scientists and bird watchers state that there are around 9,000 to 10,000 birds species living on the Earth, the new study has denied it and said, the number has soared up to 18, 000 which almost twice of the previous estimations.

The theory of ‘biological species concept,” which defines species on the basis of what animals can breed together has become outdated and once should go out of it to count the living species of birds on the earth, said the lead author of the study.

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