American Academy Pediatrics Suggests Kids to Get the Flu Shots Soon This Year

As fall weather is heading up and school’s academic year getting started, it is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics to get the flu vaccines as soon as possible. This vaccination program will take place in the places like clinics, school campuses, pharmacies and common work places.

With the initial days of cold season, i.e. the flu season is on the way to arrive soon, the American Academy of Pediatrics has disclosed the recommendations regarding flu vaccines on Monday. Though, most of the parents were hoping for the needle free vaccination. So, for flu vaccination, the kids will be unhappily having the brace again for the needle this year.

Since the updated recommendations approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics say that, by next year everyone of age 6 moths and above should get the old fashioned but the best flu shots instead of the current nasal spray , which is called as ‘FluMist’. This safety precaution is taking off, as last year more than 100 kids in the United States were died because of flu, and many of others were hospitalized due to the severe illness in the flu season. In the same case, 54 percent of them, were healthy kids and they did not having underlying chronic conditions which could make them vulnerable.

The digital health’s executive director at Seattle Children’s Hospital, Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson said that, “When you immunize your kid, you first and foremost protect them, you secondarily protect your family, and third, you protect those kids who can’t get the shot, those older people who won’t mount a great response to the vaccine and can get really sick when they’re exposed, and those babies who are too young to be immunized.”

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