Climate Change Intimidation: Raising level of methane to hold climate goals back

A number of causes are triggering the abnormal changes in climatic patterns. But a recently conducted study has indicated a serious concern towards the emission of Methane, a greenhouse gas because of its rising influence on climate change. A recent survey report published in the academic journal ‘Environmental Research Letters’ highlights the high contribution of Methane gas in the changing patterns of weather. The study stated that the global concentrations of methane, a dominant greenhouse gas is enlarging the intensity of climate change, and now is mounting at a faster pace in the atmosphere.

Such faster rising of methane level has never been witnessed in the last couple of decades, said the research report. The study was conducted by Marielle Saunois, a researcher at the French Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat ET de l’Environnement and Robert Jackson from the Stanford University. It was published in ‘Environmental Research Letters’ journal on Monday. Till now, we always came across the fact that, carbon dioxide is the fundamental cause of climate change. But the new report has brought up a new fact to the forefront, according to which, methane is contributing to the aberration of climatic patterns. After Carbon Dioxide, scientists placed methane as the second-most hazardous greenhouse gas to trigger climate change.

According to statistics published in the Journal, in the early of 2000s, the awareness of Methane in the environment is rising about .5 parts per billion per year. But in the last couple of years, the volume has hiked by many percentages. In 2014, methane level was mounted 12.5 parts per billion while in 2015; it was 9.9 parts per billion.

From 2000 to 2006, the level of Methane in the atmosphere was going smooth. But from 2007, it started going upward and in last two years, it spiked at an unbelievable rate, said Rob Jackson, the co-author of the study and an earth scientist at Stanford University.

As in last few years, the level of carbon dioxide has been swelling quite slowly; scientists are expecting methane to contributing a higher fraction of the global warming. The researchers also warned that, in next few decades, Methane would become the topmost global warming contributor by pushing Carbon Dioxide to the second place.

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