A 21-Year-Old Woman Actually Sweats Blood That Reached To the Controversial Diagnosis ‘Hematohidrosis’

The latest case study described in the journal Canadian Medical Association explained about a 21-year-old Italian female patient, who was admitted into a medical ward reported of suffering from a strange, horrifying disorder. She had been suffering from intermittent bleeding episodes from her palms and face regardless of skin lesions.

The patient had neither visible injuries nor broken skin without any obvious trigger of bleeding. Those bleeding episodes used to occur even while her physical activity or she was asleep for a time slot of one to five minutes. She also reported that more severe bleeding arose during the period of emotional stress. As a result of these causes, she became socially isolated.

Doctors diagnosed all her physical exams normal, though they treated her accordingly the symptoms of major panic disorder and depressive disorder. Still, they could not stop the weird bleeding of woman. Finally, doctors met with an abnormal and quite controversial diagnosis, which named as ‘hematohidrosis’ that means ‘blood sweating’.

Then woman was treated with the help of propranolol, which a beta blocker that is commonly used in regulating the heart rate as well as blood pressure. According to the published theory in the journal, the treatment could stop woman’s entire bleeding, but it led to a ‘remarkable reduction’ in those symptoms.

The Canadian medical historian and a hematologist, Jacalyn Duffin worded that, “Credible, though scant, observations of sweating blood persist. This collection of well-documented observations commands respect and acceptance. After all the research that I’ve done, I am convinced of the plausibility and the possibility that it exists. But case reports start appearing in the 16th century, and quite distinct from anything to do with the crucifixion, or Christianity. There are mentions of the phenomenon as far back as Aristotle … prior to the time of Jesus.”

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