Samsung to Launch a Fold-able Smartphone by Next Year

The report coming from the South Korea, says that the Samsung Electronics has disclosed that the company is launching a fold-able smartphone in addition to its Galaxy Note Series by the year 2018. The president of the Samsung phone, Koh Dong-jin declared to release a phone having a bendable display to the media in the launching event of its new Galaxy Note 8 smartphone.

DJ Koh said that, “As the head of the business, I can say our current goal is next year. When we can overcome some problems for sure, we will launch the product. We don’t want to just sell a couple of the phones. We want it to be mass ready and at a technological level where people will say it is a well-made phone.”

There is remains a question that the Samsung already has showcased its flexible smartphone earlier before in the 2013 which they called as ‘Youm’, so is this the same phone. Since past two to three years, the rumors have been saying that the company is on the way to release foldable the phone.

DJ Koh also added that the Samsung is currently working with Harman, an auto systems maker for developing the speaker based on the artificial intelligence. This gives the phone users to operate phone and conducting all the tasks just by speaking them into the phone.

The company Stamford which is based on the Connecticut has been acquired by the Samsung last year. Samsung plans to make it as a part of its next plan to expand itself in the emerged market of the connected-cars.


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