Russian Space Agency Plans to Construct a Luxury Hotel on the ISS

Russian space agency, the Roscosmos State Corporation has announced to build the new luxury hotel at the International Space Station (ISS), which is supposed to permit space tourists for satellite visiting that will be up to one month at single trip.

The comprehensive business plan of the Roscosmos State Corporation has been viewed by Popular Mechanics, which disclosed that the high-comfort hotel module would consist of four personal sleeping quarters, since visitors have to pay from $40 million to $60 million for each visit.

Tourists may also get an opportunity to participate in the spacewalk aboard the ISS along with expert astronauts. They would also be allowed to have exercise equipment, personal washing provisions and Wi-Fi.

Moreover, foremost and such magnificent hotel is supposed to cost $279 million to $446 million to construct, which will be funded by combined state and private investments. Since, tourists will be allowed to pay their visits in installments that will begin two year before the launching date.

There are some other space tourism programs currently under progress including private ventures by Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin, Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic and Russian firm KosmoKurs.

Blue Origin expects for taking the first paying tourists to the border of the space within the upcoming years. On other side, KosmoKurs announces that it hopes to get its first payer in 2020. While, Virgin Galactic hasn’t announced a date of when its spacecraft will be ready to take passengers in to space, though the company has begun receiving money from interested passengers to visit aboard.

The company stated that, “When we are confident we can safely carry our customers to space, we will start doing so. We feel incredibly honored that our earliest paying customers already number more than the total number of humans who have ever been to space.”