Review: Smartest Google Pixel Buds

The new Google Pixel Buds are smartest and lightweight wireless earphones offering a fairly decent sound and quite comfortable fit in the noiseless environments. They swathe up well in a very dense charging case, which delivers multiple number of extra charges. The touch controls on them give a quick access to the Google Assistant.

Pixel Buds appear as an aspiring entry admittedly in to the domain, along with the Google Assistant fueled superpowers and promises of immaculate sound quality. While, few of the features of pixel buds range from captivating to downright cool, but as this is the first ever entry of Google to the ear bud world and they are reviewed as smartest one.

But, within the price point, glaring use issues, underwhelming features of voice-assistant and inconsistent sound quality, it makes one wondered that actually how long Google tested and weighed what it was going to launch. Since, the ‘real time’ feature is available only for Pixel phone users that are not so big leap across the Translate app currently existing. Also the Bluetooth paring can be much unhandy than it should be.

Google representatives wouldn’t answer few questions related to impedance, speaker placement or how an automatic equalization could work. The rep instead released a statement saying that, “We do actively manage the sound—everything from the AAC codec, to DSP algorithms, to the hardware design all help deliver great audio.”

The Pixel Buds can be ultimately called as the smartest, modish wireless headphones wrapped up with some extra tricks for Pixel phone owners, while one should not wish for a ‘Star Trek (style universal translator).

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