Review of Google Home Mini: The Smart and Small Speaker with Echo Dot

Google Home Mini is a smart, small and stylish speaker along with the great sound quality if compared by size. The Google Assistant is capable of competing with the Alexa, with a special ability of searching out the in-depth answers to the wide range of questions.

While the similar smart speakers of Amazon are so functional with a less attractive appearance. The Echo Dot that is utilitarian, for example, it is black in color and hockey-puck sized, which could not inspired any of the warmth feelings.

It is a prestige to Google to make the new Home Mini speaker, which the users are finding to feel friendlier. It is smaller and round shaped like the Echo Dot, but sit has curved edges that give the device a smother look. The top of Google Home Mini has been swathed with a gray fabric that adds more hominess feelings.

There is a touch-screen control hidden under that gray fabric, which let users to pause and play the music with launching the Google Assistant. If one taps on a side of Home Mini, it will lower the volume of music, while if done the same on other side will pump up the jams. There is also the physical switch on the back side of Home Mini that is same like the Echo Dot, which lets users to deactivate the headphones.

Google Home Mini having a size of 3.9 inches in diameter and 1.7 inches taller that make it a bit larger than the Echo Dot having3.3 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches height. But, the difference is not observable. The new Home Mini goes for $49, which does not only inexpensive, but also outperforming the Echo Dot in design and audio quality.

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