Researchers Say Even Single Drink a Day Can Cause Increased Risk of Cancer

According to the experiment conducted by researchers at the American Society of Clinical Oncology to determine the association between the disease and drinking, even moderate amount of alcohol consumption can cause increased risk of cancer. The findings are published in the Clinical Oncology journal.

To go closer, researchers analyzed several theories that discovered a powerful correlation between cancer and alcohol. After going through all the data, the team came to a conclusion that around 3.5 per cent of total caner-deaths were due to alcohol consumption.

Moreover in 2012, the researchers discovered that around 5.5 per cent of total new cases of cancer detections and 5.8 per cent cases of total cancer deaths across the world were assigned drinking alcohol.

However, the team observed that the highest risk is among those who consume heavy drinks as well as those who smoke cigarettes on regular basis and even moderate drinking is dangerous too.

The organization, American Society of Clinical Oncology stated in a statement that, “The importance of alcohol drinking as a contributing factor to the overall cancer burden is often underappreciated. Associations between alcohol drinking and cancer risk have been observed consistently regardless of the specific type of alcoholic beverages. A meta-analysis that focused solely on cancer risks associated with drinking one drink or fewer per day observed that this level of alcohol consumption was still associated with some elevated risk for … or pharyngeal cancer and breast cancer.”

Researchers believe that health care centers and lawmakers should implement some policies and strategies to prevent high risks of alcohol consumption.


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