Research Disclosed the Most Communal Paranormal Beliefs among Americans from Ghosts to Ancient Civilizations

The latest research conducted by the Chapman University, a non-profit, private university in Orange, California, US, says that there are many believers willing to get a span of paranormal phenomena from ghosts and aliens to ancient society and Bigfoot.

the study focused on the fears claimed by 1207 random citizens of America over the United States, which then discovered that the most usual common paranormal opinion among all those participants with 55 per cent of them were strongly agreeing , was a belief that the advanced civilization from ancient  era such as Atlantis existed once.

Another most common thought of nearly 52 per cent of those participants was that the various places are haunted by spirits and ghosts. Among the participant just 35 per cent added their belief that aliens might have visited our planet in the ancient era. And as few as 35 per cent of participants had a belief that aliens used to visit the Earth in modern times.

The lowest percentage as 25 per cent of people associated with the research believed that some humans are able move objects just with their minds, while 19 per cent had faith that psychics and fortune tellers can see future and 16 per cent thought that Bigfoot is a creature in real.

Finally the research concluded that 25.3 per cent Americans are not having any paranormal faiths at all, along with 20.8 per cent people believe in only one of the paranormal phenomena, while 5 per cent people trust in all given seven phenomena of paranormal activities.

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