Red Fire Ants Found In Busan, South Korean

The Quarantine authorities gathered for an emergency meeting, when the workers found the poisonous 25 fire ants at harbor in Busan inside quay area on asphalt paved road on Thursday. The authorities then found 1000 same fire ants beside the nest-like thing.

The ants have been discovered in the South Korea for the first time. According to the scientists, these are the species of those native from the South America known for inflicting the painful bites that sometimes lead to death or the anaphylactic shock.

The infestation of these dangerous species has been seen for the first time ever in South Korea. They are known as ‘Red Imported Fire Ants’ (RIFA) of 2 to 6 mm size with a coppery brown color. The ants have been also found recently in Australia, the United States, China, New Zealand, many Caribbean countries and Japan.

It is reported by the Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency that it carried out an emergency sterilization and inspection of quays from where the species were unloaded. The agency believes that the ants might have been contaminated with the cargo that was going from habitats to China or somewhere. The authority also called a port, which runs regularly the shipments in Japan as well as China for administering the pesticides around the yard of container.

The queen ants of RIFA group are surprisingly capable of depositing 2000 – 3000 eggs a day. New Zealand also had faced an infestation in 2001, for which it spent over $880,000 to eradicate a nest successfully in two years.

Since, these winged ants are able to fly a distance as more as 10 kilometers via favorable wind. So, the ministry has promised that it will check across the surroundings of harbor to ensure that there are no more nests.

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