Protesters had held gatherings across the U.S. on Saturday to condemn the sharia law, the moral and legal code of the Islam that the organizing committee says poses a danger to freedoms of American, but critics be certain of anti-Muslim revulsion is playing a major factor.

ACT for America, triggered rallies in New York, Chicago, Boston, Denver and Seattle, and also in many smaller cities. Hundreds of citizens pledged on media to be present in the event that ACT billed as “March against Sharia.” At Harrisburg, barricades and a heavy mounted police presence were present to control the mass protests. Many were dressed in black masks, gloves and hoods and protesting about neither the Trump KKK nor the Fascist USA.

The atmosphere was heavily tense but the protestors didn’t put their means with violence however only one arrested, in accordance to the police department. Chris Achey did not meant he hate Muslims on the other hand he believes that much of Islam could not be matched with the pride of Western culture. He demanded to safeguard the constitutional law as well as the land.

It was said sharia is meant to justify the oppression of the women and the homosexual class, and supports female genital disfigurement. But the critics say that the organization defames Muslims and with extremism has equated Islam followers. The rallies are part of anti-Islam and anti-immigrant wave sentimentally fueled by the U.S.  President, Donald Trump, who called forth for a ban on Muslims entering their country.

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